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To get a Queens ECB Violation Removal, you have to prepare for the ECB hearing. The majority of those who must attend a Queens ECB Violation Removal hearing, do so without hiring a lawyer, but it is allowable to have a lawyer. You will be responsible for paying the lawyer. You can also choose to have someone else with you to help represent your case as long as they have all the necessary information. Witnesses are also allowed to come to the hearing in your behalf. You should also bring all paperwork, photos or documents when preparing for a Queens ECB Violation Removal hearing.

After you have gathered the required information, compose a statement explaining why they should approve of your Queens ECB Violation Removal.

The ECB Violation you were issued will list the Violation you are accused of, as well as a date, time and location for your hearing.  At this point, you will be requested to defend your case if you want a Queens ECB Violation Removal.  You should be prepared to explain why this ECB Violation should be Removed.  If for whatever reason you cannot make it to your scheduled Queens ECB Violation Removal hearing, then call New York’s government information hot line to schedule a new one.  If you are in New York City, this number is simply 311.

Regardless of what you do, do not simply skip the Queens ECB Violation Removal Hearing, as this can lead to more serious penalties, including up to a $25,000 fine.

How to handle the Queens ECB Violation Removal.

If you decide to contest the charges, then you will need to know what to do in preparing for an Queens ECB Violation Removal hearing. By law you still have to fill out all the required sections of the ECB Violation and it is important not to miss your scheduled hearing.

You can also contact the ECB if you only need some clarifications and don’t plan to fight the ticket. There are some things to consider so that you can make up your mind on whether or not you want to fight the ticket in court or just pay it for the Queens ECB Violation Removal. These are:

Was the ECB Violation written out correctly?

If your ECB Violation was not filled out properly, it may not be valid. It must have on it things like the proper name or business name, the time frame of the ECB Violation, where the Violation happened, the information on the law that was alleged to be broken, and an explanation of the charges. If these areas are incorrect or not filled out, your case may be dismissed at the ECB Hearing, so this information is important to check when preparing for a Queens ECB Violation Removal hearing.

An ECB Violation must also be filed with a proper affidavit of service that shows the manner in which the Violation was issued to the ones charged with the Violation. This is signed and filed with your Violation.

Does the alleged violated law in the ECB Violation pertain to what is listed?

When preparing for a Queens ECB Violation Removal hearing, another thing to check is if the facts as written actually apply to the charges. If not, it is another thing that could cause your case to be dropped .

What can be brought to the hearing to use as evidence in a Queens ECB Violation Removal hearing?
When coming to a hearing you can bring anything you believe will help explain your case to the judge such as photos, witness statements, affidavits, etc.  You can also talk in your own behalf or get someone else to do so. Plus, you are allowed to ask questions of the ones charging you.

When preparing for a ECB Violation Removal hearing, be sure to make copies of all the evidence you are planning to bring to the hearing, as the judge will have to have them.

What comes next when the Queens ECB Violation Removal hearing is done?

After you have either appeared at a hearing or had someone represent you,  the judge will go over all the evidence and then make a decision as to whether or not you have to correct the Violation, pay a fine or be found innocent and not have to do anything. You will most likely get a decision after your Queens ECB Violation Removal hearing  in the mail. If you don’t agree with decision from your Queens ECB Violation Removal hearing, you can appeal.






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